Is Epic ever going to remove Tilted Towers, seriously? We have said many times that it is the worst addition to the game. However, despite being teased that it will be removed on the 18th, it is now the 25th and nothing… yet.

Following the latest patch, players have noticed that there are now signs in Tilted depicting meteors, a love heart on Titled and one that just says tomorrow.

screencap from Fortnite

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Nothing has sadly happened yet, but many fans believe that we will have to wait until the end of season three before we see that damn place gone. The end of the season comes on the 30th which is just five days from now! So not only could we get some new skins but also they may just remove Titled Towers.

Screenshot via Fortnite

This is actually pretty clever marketing from Epic to make us wait like this, but it does appear that players are now getting quite annoyed with Titled, and they want it gone. There was a time where every streamer or YouTuber landed there, thus causing everyone else to go there. Oddly, now it is seen as where only the ‘manly’ players go ‘cos you need big cajones to land there.

However, take a quick look on Twitter, and you will see just about everyone has had enough of it now.

So will we see Titled leave? Well, all signs quite literally point to yes but as to when, well we have no real idea!

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