Is the Fortnite LMG OP?!

The Light Machine Gun has been in Fortnite for a few days now, and it is time talk about it. Now, many people believe that this weapon is incredibly overpowered. Is that the case? Well, sort of.

Just like when the minigun was added, it seemed to have a serious ability to take down buildings with ease. However, the difference with the LMG is that you can actually hit people with it. This is due to it having manageable recoil – well manageable to a degree, it does kick, but at close range it is deadly.

Fortnite’s latest patch introduces the high damage LMG

And it is the close range damage that makes this weapon apparently overpowered. It fires so quickly, at eight rounds per second and does 200 DPS, so if you can get off four shots, you will mow through someone.

Obviously, the weapon suffers at range – which is a little surprising considering it is you know… an LMG, but it does need a downside. In fact, if you have a decent bit of distance between you and your opponent, you probably won’t end up hitting anything.

Despite this, many players are claiming that the weapon is hugely overpowered:

While players are still claiming that it is an overpowered weapon, it does actually have many downsides. As we pointed out earlier, it has some decent recoil. It needs to be used at close range and potentially the most important, it takes five seconds to reload. With these downsides, the ability to shred through players at very close range doesn’t seem that strong. You can actually do the same with an SMG. Sure the clip is only 25, but the reload time is just 2.2 seconds, and you can quickly switch between two of them.

Is the Fortnite LMG OP? Well, it is very powerful but easily countered by many things such as boogie bombs, shotguns or range.