Friday Fortnite cancelled by controversial YouTuber Keemstar.

Yesterday, he put up a big stink about Epic Games the developers of Fortnite. The complaint came from Epic running a Fortnite event on the same day that he was planning one.

Friday Fortnite events have been running for longer, but Epic Games is dishing out $1 million prize money; who could blame anyone for wanting to play in that instead?

Keemstar Not Happy


Interestingly, Friday Fortnite has been running for 11 weeks; it was one of the first significant Fortnite esport events. However, Epic Games has to maintain the integrity of their own events. Keemstar’s reputation online is arguably less than stellar – Epic may not be too interested in him being a spokesperson for their game.

Keemstar stated that the Friday Fortnite event prize-pool was capped at $20,000:

From July 29th, Friday Fortnite will now be scheduled for Sundays.

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