What are the best Fortnite clips from this weekend?

This week in Fortnite we have been given a rather fancy new tool, the Light Machine Gun. Some might think that it is a little overpowered which isn’t a bad shout.

We also got the reintroduction of the 50v50 game mode, and the combination of these two have made for some rather classic clips over the weekend.

And here are five of the best that we could find:

50v50 timelapse

As much as I don’t like the 50v50 game mode, I will admit that this timelapse made it look very, very good.

Tilted Towers is still standing and Twitter is NOT happy about it

This team managed to build a somewhat epic structure, miles into the sky.

Dakotaz destroys an entire team

I do like this bloke, especially his voice. Anyway, this clip is relatively nutty as he comes up against an entire team that were not only good builders but looked to have plenty of weapons. As you can imagine, his aim building and double-shotgunning got him out of trouble.

Myth new peaks

Myth had been moaning about the changes to peaking last week, but he won’t be too mad with this new tactic. After being pinned down in his base, he quickly edits the roof, throws and impulse grenade and waits until his opponent doesn’t stick the landing. Genius!

The problem with vending machines

This has happened to my team and I so many times. We spend forever collecting materials to get some goodies from a high-tier vending machine only for one of us to either find what we saved for, or to instantly die when we get it.

And Reddit user SullyMrReddit edited a rather lovely and hilarious video. An excellent edit and one that is one of the best Fortnite clips I’ve ever seen.

Trolling team-mates

The 50v50, in my opinion, is really dull. However, this clip I found on Twitter is something I can get on board with, editing buildings to send team-mates to fall to their deaths… perfect.

This might just be one of the best Fortnite clips from the weekend just because who doesn’t love ruining team-mates fun.

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