Is Tilted Towers destroyed yet?!

Tilted Towers might just be the worst edition ever to Fortnite, and we’ve said it multiple times. It ruins the pacing of the game; it affects how much loot there is, and it makes you rage if you bother to land there.

Every streamer or YouTube decides to land there which influences everyone else to land there; thus starting the vicious circle. However, when console players started getting mysterious Morse code vibrations on their controllers and a giant meteor appeared in the sky, we all thought it meant bye, bye Tilted.

It was meant to happen on the 18th of April, but that came and went and… nothing happened. Which, I’ll best honest, was a big let down. However, it is the 19th now, and there is a new patch so maybe, just maybe we will see something happen over the next few days (maybe)?

Before everyone thought that Titled might be removed, many fans decided to either pay tribute to it or make sure that Titled Towers was destroyed for real this time.

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Reddit user, Aneutralopinion, posted a video which showed what appeared to be almost an entire lobby grab their pickaxes and destroy Titled! It is set to Only Time by Enya which does make me feel a little emotional.

The second video is a rather fitting tribute to Titled which is equally as tear-jerking.

As you can imagine, there are plenty of reactions to Tilted Towers and if it is still going to be around:

Hopefully, it will be removed though as one Twitter user pointed out; what if it is a Nuke and it is going to destroy the entire map?! We’re through the looking glass here, people.