Cloud9 flusha is official! The legendary fnatic player has officially been signed to the Cloud9 CS:GO roster, replacing former stand-in STYKO. Meanwhile, ScreaM will stand-in for fnatic.

The change comes amidst a wild year of roster changes for C9. After losing Stewie2k and tarik to MiBR, the team signed former-fnatic IGL Golden and mousesports’ STYKO as a stand-in.

After lackluster performances from C9 and fnatic at the FACEIT Major, flusha now joins the C9 CS:GO roster, joining his old IGL. So how will Cloud9 flusha change the team?

Cloud9 flusha – More Firepower, More Fun

The move is a huge signing for Cloud9. Robin ‘flusha’ Rönnquist is historically one of the highest-rated CS:GO major players of all time. Known for his tactical plays and ability to clutch, the extra firepower can only help C9 rise again.

Flusha has been a key part of the fnatic org since 2013 (with a brief stint in GODSENT). In that time, he won 3 Majors and a bevy of other high-level tournaments with the Swedish roster. Fnatic celebrated his achievements in a Twitter post.

Flusha explained the move in a Twitlonger post, explaining he wanted a change in another direction. Not only will he be leaving the Swedish core he’s played with for years, but he’ll also be moving to America.

Having just played with the Cloud9 for a few days I already feel like my motivation has been restored and I began having more fun again… I’m really excited for the future and I’m hoping I can get Cloud9 back to a winning path.

Former stand-in STYKO explained he left the team with no bad blood. He’ll continue to play and look for new opportunities in Europe or NA.

With the guidance of Golden and the combined abilities of flusha, Skadoodle, autimatic, and RUSH, Cloud9 could even surpass their major-winning peak of early 2018.

Headshot Machine ScreaM to fnatic

While flusha moves to NA, legendary Belgian headshot machine ScreaM will be standing in for fnatic for ESL One New York.

ScreaM last played for EnVyUs before the team disbanded earlier this year. He now looks forward to putting on a show at the event starting tomorrow.

Later this week, you can see Cloud9 with flusha in action at BLAST Pro Series Istanbul starting September 28th.

With the FACEIT Major now in the rearview mirror, we may see more exciting roster changes in the upcoming months.

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