What are the best mods ever?

Though the base game is the reason why any of us part with our cash, there is something to be said for mods. In fact, many believe that games such as Skyrim are entirely improved by mods – whether they be visual or ones that change the gameplay.

Mods don’t just improve the base game, but they can also totally change them to make them almost unrecognisable. Entire new games have been created through the modding community, but what is the best?

Five of the best-rated games of all time according to Metacritic

Well, we’ve made a very handy list, so you know which are some of the best around. Oh, and we’re only looking at mods that became total overhauls.

1. Team Fortress

We’ve spoken about TF2 before, just how great it is, and how it was built thanks to the modding community on Quake. This mod was actually released all the way back in 1996 and was hugely popular. Following just how popular the title was, and as Team Fortress Classic was built as a Half-Life mod, Valve ended up signing the dev team.

Team Fortress is now one of the most popular free-to-plays around.

2. Desert Combat

Battlefield 1942 is one of my favourite games of all time and potentially one of the best FPS ever. So how do you make a fantastic WW2 title even better? Well, you mod the hell out of it and bring it to modern times with fighter jets, M16s and everything that comes with it.

Desert Combat was a stunning mod that still holds up to this day and might actually be more enjoyable than Battlefield 1. Unfortunately, the team behind the mod ended up being signed to THQ and created the game Homefront… yeah quite the downfall.

Still, easily one of the best mods ever!

3. PlayerUnknown’s Battle Grounds

Well, actually it was PlayerUnknown’s Battle Royale but whatever. Brendan Greene had previously made a Battle Royale mod for DayZ which was already a mod of Arma2. He also worked on H1Z1 before splitting and starting PUBG, which became a hugely popular mod for Arma3.

Now as a stand-alone game, we still have to thank the mod for one of the biggest games of all time.

4. Dota

Very surprising that this was initially a mod, right? Well, it started off as a Warcraft III mod and was released back in 2003, becoming incredibly popular. Again, this is another mod that has not only become a stand-alone title but one of the biggest games in the world.

5. Counter-Strike


Obviously – we couldn’t leave this one out! Modded from the original Half-Life game, CS was a must play in the early 2000s and I felt a little like David Lightman… Yes, that was a WarGames reference! I mean installing this really did feel like something revolutionary for 10-year-old me at the time.

Another team of modders that ended up getting hired by Valve, CS is really big business now and is one of the best mods ever.

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