Cloud9 to dominate for the foreseeable future?

Following their incredible win at the Valve Boston Major, it looks like we’ll be seeing more of Cloud9’s current roster for the next few years.

The epic final against FaZe Clan brought in over 1million concurrent viewers on Twitch and led to Cloud9 picking up a good percentage of the $1,000,000 prize pool.

And now it looks like key members of Cloud9 such as Stewie2k, Skadoodle and Tarik have been tied down to long-term contracts.

Speaking on The Rush B podcast, Cloud9 CEO, Jack Etienne revealed that the current team has been signed to contracts until 2021.

“Historically, we had really polarising results, really strong and really bad – it wasn’t the consistency we had been hoping for.

“However, this current group of players, it’s the first time i have felt like these guys could be here for years and years and they have signed for another three years.

“They’re invested in us and we’re invested in them and they’re in the right frame of mind to continue being a top team.”

Cloud9 make history as they beat FaZe in ELEAGUE Major:Boston final

With there being plenty of tournaments to show off their commitment to their new deals, Cloud9 will be hoping that they secure even more huge prize pools like they did in January.

However, Ettiene understands that he may lose some of the current crop in the future.

“As long as they have the right mind frame, we can work through slumps but I have no illusions that this team will never change again.

“Often it’s based on are they passionate about the game.”

We can’t wait to see what the teams get up to at the next comps over the coming years, especially if it is Stewie2k clutching like a mad man.

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