CS:GO Ranks are an integral part of the game. There are 18 competitive ranks to climb through and players will need a lot of skill and focus in order to get Global Elite.

But despite it being there for years, it still confuses many players. What makes you rank down? How can you rank up? How do you get all the way to Global Elite?

Here’s our CS:GO ranks guide to all CS:GO ranks.

CS:GO Ranks Guide – All CS:GO Ranks

When you play Competitive Mode in CS:GO, you’ll get a rank to signify your skill. Players are matched against other players in the same rank in order to make for fair competitive play.

Steam provides a visual guide to every rank in CS:GO. Here are all CS:GO ranks you can get in Competitive and Wingman modes.

CS:GO Ranks Guide - All CS:GO Ranks

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Players will first gain their rank after they win 10 games. However, you won’t necessarily go straight to Silver. A hidden algorithm calculates where you rank amongst other players and ranks you as such.

This is why some players may go straight to Master Guardian Elite whereas others will be stuck at Silver Elite.

CS:GO Ranks Guide – What’s A Good Rank?

So when do CS:GO players start getting good? That’s debatable, and some would argue there’s still a big skill gap in many of the higher ranks.

CSGO-Stats shows the current rank distribution amongst players in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

CS:GO Ranks Guide - What’s A Good Rank?

Gold Nova 3 has the most players at 9.05% whereas the highest, Global Elite only contains the top 0.75% of players.

Around 50% of players are between Gold Nova 1 and Master Guardian Elite. Most players who learn the fundamentals of CS:GO will find themselves around the Master Guardian levels.

It seems that Distinguished Master Guardian is the beginning of the Elite Ranks. You’ll notice players with better aim, better teamwork, and much better utility use around this rank.

CS:GO Ranks Guide: How To Get Global Elite

Global Elite represents only the top 0.75% of players and, as such, most players will have to invest a lot of time and dedication to make it.

One way to increase your chances is to play with teammates. Having a team who work together well, co-operate, and know how to execute onto a bombsite will help significantly.

Having precise aim is also important. Many top players train their aim using aim maps and regularly playing deathmatch.

At the very top level, it’s vital to have good game sense. Knowing when to peek, when to hide, when to save, and other such fundamentals can be the difference in winning or losing a round.

It can take a long time, but experience is the key. The more you play and train your skill, the closer you’ll get.

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