The talent pool in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive continues to grow. Astralis still reigns dominant, but many teams are coming up and there are many players with a claim for the best CS:GO players 2019.

However, there have been many stable and solid performances from certain players in 2019. So who are the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players of 2019 so far? Here’s the top five.

Best CS:GO Players 2019

1. NAF

When it comes to Team Liquid’s best player, it’s hard to choose between Elige and NAF. However, NAF was monumental in Liquid’s big win of 2019 as the MVP of iBUYPOWER Masters 2019. His huge performances in the Grand Final saw Team Liquid finally take a win away from Astralis.

2. ZywOo

The 18-year-old French prodigy has a LAN rating of 1.25 – right up there with the best in the world. While he doesn’t quite have the resume of other top players, it’s clear to see that he has the potential. ZywOo constantly pulls off incredible plays as the carry player of Team Vitality. We’ll see how the rest of 2019 goes for him.

3. Magisk

While dev1ce may be the star player of Astralis, Magisk is very close behind. He boasts a rating of 1.26 at Big Events in 2019 and was also the MVP of the IEM Katowice 2019 CS:GO Major. At just 21 years of age, Magisk is already one of the best players in the world with a lot of time to reach his full potential.

4. S1mple

Natus Vincere isn’t in great shape this year, but s1mple still continues to stun the world. Even in poor team performances, s1mple seems to outfrag everybody on the map. He has a 2019 LAN rating of 1.32 and while he hasn’t won any events, his performances are still impressive.

5. Dev1ce

While s1mple was HLTV’s best player of 2018, dev1ce is making a strong case for the best CS:GO player of 2019. He has a higher rating at Big Events in 2019 than anyone else at 1.34 and his team has already won BLAST Pro Series São Paulo 2019 and the IEM Katowice major.

While a lot of his success can be attributed to Astralis being such a strong team, he’s solid and consistent with his performances every time. Well deserving of the number one spot.

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