Finally some good news for the Cloud 9 CS:GO team as they announce a sponsorship deal with the United States Air Force.

Cloud 9 released a video announcing the partnership featuring C9 RUSH.

Cloud 9 CEO Jack Etienne spoke out on the new C9 sponsor in a press release:

By developing a dynamic partnership with the Air Force, we will be able to deliver extraordinary content that will show fans a totally different side of the team. No one else in the world can put our team into a jet and let our fans watch the sheer thrill come over their faces. It’s going to be amazing.”

What does the sponsor mean for C9?

The U.S. Air Force has been investing a lot into esports recently- they’ve also signed a new marketing partnership with ELEAGUE.

The Cloud 9 CS:GO team will be taking part in “dynamic Air Force experiences”. Players will be filming videos learning about USAF jobs and locations.


There will also be a new Cloud 9 jersey featuring the Air Force logo.

A match made in America

It makes sense for the US Air Force to sponsor one of the biggest US esports teams. Cloud 9 has a huge following in the US, which will help to promote the Air Force and vice versa.

The US Air Force was also a promoting partner at the event featuring Cloud 9’s biggest win ever, the ELEAGUE Boston Major. C9 took home the major trophy and Tyler ‘Skadoodle’ Latham was awarded the Air Force MVP award.

Now the US Air Force will be promoting partners for the ELEAGUE Premier, featuring the new Cloud 9 roster with Golden and STYKO as stand-ins.

You can see the team with their new C9 jerseys at the ELEAGUE Premier 2018 starting Saturday, July 21.

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