CS:GO is one of the biggest FPS games of all time, sucking many people into hours of playtime. Famous people are no exception. You’ll be surprised at some of these celebrities who play CS:GO!

1. Neymar Jr. plays CS:GO with MiBR and Brazil Team

One of the world’s best footballers also loves to play Counter-Strike in his spare time. In fact, Neymar played CS:GO with his Brazil teammates during the World Cup!

He’s also good friends with the MiBR team, having played with them in the past and posted pictures with Fallen and coldzera on Instagram.

He doesn’t dive in competitive games either. Check out his slick AWP ace from Instagram. Not bad for a Gold Nova.

Jogando na conta do @aakkari 😂🤣 #CSGO

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Definitely the biggest of the celebrities who play CS:GO.

2. Logic plays CS:GO with a Controller

The award-winning rapper behind bangers like Under Pressure, Gang Related, and Ballin’ loves to game in his spare time. He even has a gaming YouTube channel with some behind the scenes studio footage.

Fans found out he plays CS:GO when he rang up FaZe Rain (ironically not the CS:GO one) mid-vlog and asked how to play CS:GO with a controller.

3. Mark Hunt almost beat up a child over Counter-Strike

Ever get into a flamewar on Counter-Strike and have someone threaten to kick your ass? Just imagine if that was world-champion kickboxer and UFC title contender Mark Hunt!

Actually, that’s exactly what happened to one little fella, as Mark Hunt shares in his book:

There was one particularly embarrassing moment in my CS life when I was performing poorly in an online session and some keyboard warrior kept riding me and riding me. Things got heated and I ended up asking this dude where he lived. He told me, and to my delight his place was just round the corner from me.

When I got to this guy’s house, a ten-year-old opened the door. I asked the kid where his dad was, and he said he was at work. I went home with a face so red it was about to spontaneously combust.

Mark Hunt has played ever since CS 1.6 and even showed up to IEM Sydney earlier this year.

Past UFC champs Chris Weidman, Mighty Mouse, and Max Holloway have also streamed the game. Looks like it’s fair to say CS:GO players are the hardest gamers in the world.

4. Deadmau5 plays CS:GO with Aaron Carter

World-famous DJ and producer Deadmau5 is an avid gamer with his own YouTube and Twitch channels. He’s also good friends with fellow Canadian gamer shroud- they’ve even streamed PUBG duos together.

He’s also a big fan of CS:GO. He once challenged 90s pop sensation Aaron Carter to a game for remix rights to his song ‘The Veldt’. Truly the CS:GO 1v1 every fan was dying to see.

5. Jonas Jerebko owns CS:GO team Renegades

The Swedish Golden State Warrior isn’t just a top NBA player, he also loves Counter-Strike. He’s been playing for years and even asks his Twitter followers to join him in games.

Jerebko took his love for CS:GO to the next level by buying out Australian team Renegades, now rebranded the Detroit Renegades.

Who would’ve thought there are so many celebrities who play CS:GO? You can also check out our other articles on celebrities who play LoL, Fortnite, PUBG, and Overwatch!

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