Is it weird that there are celebrities who play PUBG, yes it is a thing.

It turns out that celebrities actually enjoy video games – they’re almost like genuine human beings like us!

Just like the pretty significant amount of celebs who like to indulge in Fortnite and they also enjoy playing some of Fortnite’s biggest rival, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Five celebrities who play Fortnite Battle Royale

And we’ve managed to find quite a few of them who love jumping out into Erangel or Miramar.

1. Deadmau5

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Joel ‘Deadmau5’ Zimmerman is a huge video game fan, and we appreciate him for it.

In fact, he’s not just a big fan, but he also streams regularly on Twitch, with his primary game being PUBG. He usually plays with the likes of Shroud and XFactorGaming, two popular streamers and YouTubers.

Saying that he did have a tough time at first, with him being the victim of being constantly stream sniped and then quitting. However, he managed to get back on the train and in fact has had some excellent moments, including him killing Dr Disrespect…


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The fact that Terry Crews plays PUBG is absolute life. I mean, how can you not love Terry Crews?! He was the freaking Old Spice guy and is killing it on Brooklyn 99 as…Terry.

He started playing following YouTuber JayTwoCents building him an absolute monster PC, and he loves playing PUBG as well as Overwatch. In fact, he regularly plays with his son and streams live on YouTube and Twitch, which is utterly adorable.

Terry loves PUBG!

3. Neymar

The most expensive footballer on the planet has time in between spending his millions and destroying people with skills; he plays PUBG! In fact, he has even celebrated with a rather fantastic homage to PUBG following a goal earlier this year.

And this led to him catching the attention of Brendan Greene and cheekily asking him for his own PUBG server, which seems pretty fair.

I wonder if they’ll add a Neymar skin or he’ll pull out a frying pan in his next celebration… And as celebrities who play PUBG go, this one is probably the biggest, right?

4. Post Malone

This rapper can’t get enough of PUBG and in fact started streaming it after coming off tour late last year.

He may not exactly be the greatest player in the world, but it’s okay because he has got Chandler Riggs aka CORRRRL, from the Walking Dead to carry him.

Imagine Post Malone and CORRRRL playing PUBG together… surely this is the strangest mix of celebrities who play PUBG, right?

5. Darius Slay

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It is kinda weird that elite athletes play video games, but I guess they need something to do in their downtime.

This Cornerback for the Detroit Lions has tweeted a few times about playing PUBG and seems to have a squad going with team-mate Quandre Diggs and Baltimore Ravens’ safety Eric Weddle.