New Fortnite patch, new fun.

The latest patch has been released on Fortnite, and there are some significant changes.

It does seem that the Fortnite team is always tinkering and improving their game and, well, we love them for it.

And with V.3.1.0, they’ve given us another really impressive update which includes a new weapon, new location and various bug fixes.

New Fortnite map update

Probably the biggest update is the inclusion of ‘Lucky Landing’, at the South East of the island. It coincides with the Chinese New Year celebrations and does look pretty fantastic. In fact, it does fill a huge area of the map that was previously unused – think of it just past Fatal Fields and west of Moisty Mire.

Oh and it appears that there will also be a challenge for eliminations at Lucky Landing, so expect it to be extremely popular for the next few days.

Jetpacks delayed but fans still hyped about hunting rifle coming to Fortnite

Another addition is the hunting rifle, as we reported earlier this week. With it basically being a sniper rifle but without the scope, you’ll need to have good sight if you want to headshot some plebs from a mile away.

via Fortnite Battle Royale

Finally, there have been several changes to the number chests spawning in various locations such as Tilted Towers, Snobby Shores and the factory area just north of the Flush Factory. To be fair, there was a lot of loot available in Snobby, especially considering there are only five buildings to loot.

Here are some of the other updates to the game in the new Fortnite patch.

Adjusted inconsistent drop rates for various weapon rarities.

  • Burst Assault Rifle drop chance:
    Common decreased by 20%.
    Uncommon increased by 60%.
    Rare increased by 150%.
  • Revolver drop chance:
    Common decreased by 10%.
    Uncommon increased by 33%.
    Rare increased by 75%.
  • Tactical Shotgun drop chance:
    Uncommon decreased by 10%.
    Rare increased by 33%.
    Epic increased by 75%.
  • Minor adjustments to Loot in the following locations:
    Snobby Shores (removed 13 Floor Loot spawn locations and 4 chests)
    Industrial Plot north-east of Flush Factory (removed 4 Floor Loot spawn locations and 3 chests)
    Tilted Towers (removed 8 Floor Loot spawn locations and 4 chests)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues where weapons would not equip because they were not pre-loaded.
    This resolves the issue in which weapons did not equip/did not function during the early game.
  • Efforts have been made to address an issue where players are suddenly unable to build in rare cases.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred if players kicked the ball out of Greasy Grove or the Soccer Stadium.
  • Some edge cases where players pushed up against ramps/ceilings could toss grenades through to the opposite side.
  • Fixed the Boogie Bomb not properly refreshing its duration on a player who is hit with more than one.
  • Fixed an issue that reduced the distance that the light on chests could be seen.
  • Improved overall frame rate by using less CPU for characters that are far away.
  • Optimized weapon load times and reduced their memory usage.

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