Fortnite v.3.5 patch has divided a lot of players.

So, the latest patch on Fortnite is out, and it is safe to say that some players are NOT happy. While the port-a-fort was a nice inclusion in the game, it is the weapon balancing that has got a lot of pro players and streamers annoyed. Many have claimed that the game is being more catered to new or poor players who have jumped on board following the explosion in popularity of the game.

Basically, switching between weapons (mainly heavy damage ones) and building has now got a slight delay. I’ll be honest; I didn’t notice it until a friend brought up the fact that they can’t really notice much of a difference. One I did see it, it wasn’t that bad, but was a little annoying when you were caught trying to shoot and then quickly build.

Everything you need to know about Fortnite v3.5 update

While a lot of the Fortnite community seems to hate the changes of Fortnite v.3.5 patch, popular streamer Myth shared his thoughts in a post on Reddit. In it, he refutes claims that the patch has nerfed aggressive players and the peaking mechanics. Peaking is quite an integral part of the game and makes you a better player.,

Now, I’m not talking about sticking your head out of a building, but rather replacing a wall with one of your own and then quickly editing it to be able to take a look at things nearby. It is a very effective method, but manly claimed it was ‘NERFED’ during the Fornite v3.5 patch.

While those are key talking points, one of the biggest changes is just how aggressive you can be. Now, if you are like me and you play a bit more passively, always looking for a flanking route, it doesn’t affect you. However, many have claimed that they can’t be super aggressive anymore because of the changes.

Writing on Reddit, Myth posted:

“I’ve played this patch a bunch and haven’t changed my way aggressive playstyle one bit, and I perform just as well.”

“Going into Solo v Squads may be something that’s a bit more difficult to pull off with these changes, but Squads wasn’t designed to favour an individual against four others.”

“Overall I think people talking about the skill cap being lowered is a huge reach and is not the case. Speed =/= higher or lower skill cap. Every strategy can still be executed post patch as pre-patch.”

Though this patch does still seem to be causing a lot of division amongst Fortnite fans, it is a positive thing that it is catering to newer players. If you can remember your first few games of the Battle Royale, you will remember that they were horrible and everyone was outplaying you. These new changes allow for an easier route into the game while still having the challenges of picking up that victory.

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