There’s a new Fortnite update and it is super exciting!
That latest huge patch to Fortnite has been released and it really has changed the game.

Epic Games have been excellent at keeping the game feeling fresh with regular updates, but version 2.5.0 might be one of the biggest changes to the game.

While it’s not like the minigun being included or the new areas on the map, but the update does have some key performance improvements that should leave both console and PC players happy.

However, we’ll start things off with a fancy new weapon – the impulse grenade. This sticky grenade allows you to send opponents (and hopefully friends) flying into the air and take some pretty massive fall damage depending on how high up they are.

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Another feature added is to celebrate the Chinese New Year, with temples scattered around the map offering players who like to land somewhere a little less populated a bit more loot. These temples will always have a chest and sometimes even two or three depending on how lucky you are.

Other changes to weapons are:

  • Impulse Grenade added.Blue rarity.
  • The Scoped Assault Rifle is now perfectly accurate while scoped.
    Scoped Assault Rifle headshot damage decreased from 250% to 200%.
  • Revolver now uses Medium ammo.
  • Crossbow drop chance decreased by 20%.
  • Minigun drop chance decreased by 12.5%.
  • Chug Jug drop chance decreased by 15%.
  • The White/Green/Blue SMG is rotating out and heading into the vault.
  • Tactical Submachine Gun
    Magazine size increased from 30 to 35.
    Firing rate increased from 10 to 13.

Oh and as well as the temples, there will be some pretty nifty Chinese New Year skins and pickaxes which genuinely look very, very cool.

via Epic Games

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Other key improvements thanks to latest Fornite update

However, one of the key updates is the improvement to frame rate both in battles and general gameplay – with players getting even more benefits when playing on medium or low settings.

Frame drops, especially on PC have been a pretty big problem, especially when getting involved in big battles. Drops from over 200fps to under 80 is a serious issue which makes the game look incredibly choppy.

Away from performance is the new HUD which should make huge improvements. Previously, the HUD was actually quite obstructing, covering most of the screen and allowing for opponents to get lost in it.

Now things have been changed to reduce the size of it and in fact, allow players to scale the HUD to their choosing.

New temples in Fortnite via Epic Games

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Other performance improvements are:

  • Optimised performance of player animations to improve overall frame rate.
  • Optimised dust cloud and shield effects on low settings for better performance.
  • Eliminated various hitches caused by certain skins and items being loaded at unexpected times.
  • Character models, weapons and environment assets now utilize a Level of Detail system to improve performance.
  • Improved smoothness of level streaming by loading content on a background thread.
  • Major tweaks to FX settings, targeting Medium to Low specifications.

Bad news though, the Fortnite update is a whopping 3gb so you might need to crack it going asap if your internet is not quite so hot.

Oh and be sure to send us some sweet impulse grenade clips!

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