Please welcome the Fortnite Clinger, thanks to v3.6!

Another week and another Fortnite patch; these lot are really rolling out the updates aren’t they? So what does v3.6 bring to the table following the somewhat controversial v3.5 which introduced the LMG? Well, this time around we have something called a ‘clinger’ which doesn’t sound so terrifying, does it?

What is it?

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The Fortnite Clinger is a new item that works somewhat like C4 and a grenade. However, the detonation of the clinger works a little differently. Instead, it will only detonate once it has attached to the target – whether that be a structure or a player.

How much damage does it do?

It is actually rather powerful, with it doing 100 to players and 200 to structures.

Tips and tricks

As we said before it will only detonate when it attaches itself to an object or player. This means that it won’t prime while in the air, and you will have to wait a good 2.5 seconds before detonation. Best bet so far while using it is throwing it at players feet, especially if they are in a building or on a destructible floor.

You can carry 10 of them, and they drop in three’s so you can deal a lot of damage.

What else is new?

  • There have been changes to the minigun, improving its accuracy, decreased recoil and very slight increase in damage.
  • Snipers and crossbows have also had their hit registration improved, especially at long range.
  • Changes to port-a-forts which include: no longer granting fall damage, will turn red if building is too high and preview will show ramps and stilts.
  • And finally, and most importantly, you can now build over small fences! These had previously been the most infuriating part of the game, mainly if they caused you do lose a game.

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