The latest Fortnite patch is out!

You really should be pretty pumped for the new season of Fortnite!

And guess what, it has been released and it includes a new weapon that just looks crazy good.

Also with the new season is a whole host of skins that so far really do look awesome.

As we previously reported, there is a spaceman skin that looks cool but I’ve got my eyes on what appears to be a freaking John Wick skin, I mean that is the best bit from the latest Fortnite patch, well sort of.

Match that John Wick skin with the new hand cannon and every other pistol you can find, and you’re in for some pretty epic machinima/roleplay.

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However, patch V.3.0.0 is more than just skins – though we do LOVE skins! There have been some brilliant improvements to how building works and it will hopefully level the playing field a bit more.

Now, will be able to actually build through larger items such as trees, rocks and busses. This is a HUGE addition to the game that will hopefully stop us from dying simply because we couldn’t place a building there.

There is also a new addition called ‘turbo building’, which again is a huge addition. Basically, all you need to do now is select a building and just hold down your fire button and it will just keep building. Now, I know what you’re thinking, what if you run out of materials? Well! Thanks to turbo building, it will automatically switch to your next material and continue!

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These two additions are fantastic and will really change the way you get into battles, especially in highly populated areas such as Tilted Towers. Some of the biggest problems in the game were not always being able to build when under heavy fire or when wanting to push opponents.

Other fixes from the latest Fortnite patch:

  • Fixed Auto-Run being cancelled when opening the map or inventory screens.
  • Inventory icons should no longer get stuck in a selected state after being dragged out of the inventory.
  • Improved CPU performance when activating overlaps, such as traps or triggers.
  • Optimized grass rendering to improve overall frame rate.
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect numbers could be shown if you enabled the “Show Net Stats” HUD op

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