Is Fortnite dead? Well, after this patch it might be;  in one patch, Epic Games have managed to almost ruin Fortnite for many fans and streamers.

The first major patch for Fortnite Season 5 was released yesterday. With it came some severe changes to weapons, the circle and most importantly, building.

Epic Games don’t want the phrase “Just build lol” attached to their game. They also don’t want new players getting killed constantly, in order to attract more gamers. In recent months, they have found ways to reduce people sitting in buildings; but still allowing players to be aggressive with their pushes.

Lowering the health of wood, brick and steel (when it is first building) has crippled the game. Pushing players who are set up in a base is very difficult. With wood being the material we all use for the majority of building, players are now able to shred through anything you try to put up.

What were Epic Games thinking?

Well, it has very much been a double-edged sword approach. They want to stop people sitting in a building and being able to put walls up again and again. However, if you are aggressive, pushing anyone is impossible because the structures just don’t go up in time and with enough health.

Various streamers shared their thoughts on the patch

This is a notion some fans are on board with, with some going as far as saying the game is ruined at the moment.

Is Fortnite Ruined?

Considering the community response, it will be interesting to see how the Summer Skirmish plays out this weekend.

We’re confident that if pros and streamers are complaining about the changes then the developers will listen. If you’re wondering ‘is Fortnite dead?’ well, if they keep going like this, it may be on its way!

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