The Fortnite hunting rifle has been out for a few hours, and it is already pretty great.

While we may not have been able to play extensively with it, did have a few games and can safely say it feels good, man.

Unlike the rumours that it would be taking medium ammo, it actually takes heavy, which makes a lot more sense. I mean, after all, it is basically a sniper rifle without a scope.

How does it feel?

Like the sniper, it is a projectile weapon and has bullet drop off – which seems fair considering how powerful it is.

You will need to be pretty accurate with it. However, it does do a whopping 86 damage per shot, which is more than an epic tactical shotgun and a legendary hand cannon.

How rare is it?

Thankfully it is actually pretty common! In fact, it was the weapon I found during my first game in the new patch.

There are both uncommon (green) and rare (blue) varieties, with the rare obviously doing slightly more damage than its uncommon counter-part.

This should be why you won’t have too many problems coming across them.

What are the stats?

Well, check them out here:

What should I use it instead of?

Well, that’s very much up to you. Probably the best option would be instead of a sniper rifle, you know because it is a sniper rifle.

However, I think it is absolutely viable to use it rather than an assault rifle, especially with the fact that heavy ammo is more common now.

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Is there a high skill curve?

Well, yes. It doesn’t have a scope and has a very slow rate of fire, so you need to be pretty accurate. This is especially true if you’re coming up against someone with an AR.

However, practice makes perfect, and if you’re on a lower sensitivity, then you should find things a lot easier.

Fortnite Hunting Rifle Overall?

I really like it, and it is a lot of fun to use. Is it going to single-handedly win you games? Probably not, but if something is fun to use and you want to get a load of cool clips, then this is the gun for you.

It also gives you a few more options with your loadout. For me, a scoped AR and then the hunting rifle was a perfect match.

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