Fortnite v3.2 is out!

Another week and another update has come to Fortnite – but this one is not changing too much.

It feels a bit crazy that it was only a week ago that the hunting rifle was released in a patch that included plenty of fixes and improvements to the game’s performance.

As for v3.2, there are a few changes, but the most significant one is the inclusion of limited time mode, Teams of 20. With this new LTM, there are actually quite a few changes to how the world works; mainly the storm.

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A blog post on Fortnite’s website revealed exactly what those changes were:

Increased chances of treasure chests spawning from 50-70% to 60-80%.
Increased chances of ammo boxes spawning from 65-80% to 75-90%.
Supply Drops always come in batches of 5 instead of varying amounts per Storm Circle.
Supply Drop rate increased from 180 (+/- 30s) to 210 (+/- 30s).

Storm Circle Timings:

Storm Circle 1: Random location. 60s wait, 180s shrink time.
Storm Circle 2: Random location. 60s wait, 90s shrink time.
Storm Circle 3: Location centred on the previous storm (for the rest of the match). 120s wait, 90s shrink time.
Storm Circle 4: 120s wait, 60s shrink.
Storm Circle 5: 180s wait, 60s shrink.
Storm Circle 6: 240s wait, 120s shrink.

These changes are only limited to the Teams of 20, but there have been a couple of fixes to the vanilla game that are not huge but still welcomed in Fortnite v3.2.

  • Players will get elimination credit for forced fall damage either through Impulse Grenades or destroying structures underneath their enemies.
  • Breaking the base of a structure will count the same as breaking the exact piece a player is standing on before they fall.
  • Riding a rocket no longer cancels emotes or using consumables.
  • Lobby emotes will now play out instead of just ending at 5 seconds.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where players at 60 FPS could not jump as high as those playing at 30 FPS.
Fixed an issue that prevented weapon tracers from being visible after a certain distance.
Fixed an auto-sprint issue that would cause players to continue sprinting when they tried to stop.

There has also been a big change to the accuracy of the hunting rifle – which, while cool, does have a serious problem with its accuracy.

  • Fixed issues with the Hunting Rifle’s accuracy.
    Now uses perfect accuracy when aiming and not moving. Hip-fire remains unchanged.
    Fixed an issue with accuracy reticle UI being slightly mismatched.
    Fixed additional weapon loading issues that prevented players from being able to see or use their weapon while the world was loading.
    Fixed an issue where firing a weapon could cancel the equip animation.

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