Are these the best potential Fortnite skins?

The biggest cash cow of a free game is obviously microtransactions. And while some of those may come in a pay2win form, i.e. Hearthstone or FIFA, the best are obviously the ones that a simply cosmetic.

That is where Fortnite comes in. While they do have weapons and loot crates to buy in the PVE game mode, in the Battle Royale, you only buy items that have no direct effect on the game.

Since the BR release, there have been almost daily skins, emotes and pickaxes that people can unlock through cash. The likes of the Gingerbread man, Valentines Day bear and John Wick have all been incredibly popular in the past.

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However, with the game barely beginning to hit the height of its popularity, we could be getting a whole host of new skins throughout 2018.

And hopefully, they will be featuring some more pop culture figures, which is where Twitter account TheSneakyBro’s comes in.

The account has been regularly revealing potential fantastic skins and pickaxes featuring some of the most famous characters from TV, film and music.

Here are some of the excellent skins that they’ve produced which we would absolutely love to see in the game in the future:

[Skin Concepts] Pop Culture Edition Part 2/2 Knives and Bowling Mix Well
byu/SneakyParagon inFortNiteBR

Which one do you think was the best potential Fortnite skins? Let us know in the comments below.

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