Xcalizorz Black Ops 4 beta thoughts are very interesting.

Gaming content on YouTube and Twitch is pretty standard practice now. Gamers are making millions a year through advertising, and even getting up to being signed by professional teams.

However, one of the men that made all that possible is an original YouTube gamer, Xcalizorz. He is amongst the first — along with BlameTruth — to upload Call of Duty gameplay to the website. In fact, he was the first to add commentary to it. One of the first to do live-gameplay and to upload a let’s play all before they became so very common.

When this experienced man comments on a game, you are likely to agree with him; he knows what he is talking about. Which is precisely why you should have a look at what he had to say on the Black Ops 4 beta.

The Beta has been well-received, but as with any Call of Duty, there are some problems with it.

Xcal’s Tweet

Body armour is one thing that many players are pretty annoyed with as the time to kill is already fairly long, especially with the addition of stimpak.

Another change that would be welcome is a buff to shotguns. While they are secondary weapons, their range is relatively horrendous until you get a long barrel or a stock.

Will Treyarch listen to Xcal? Well, potentially, especially with the PC port seemingly given rise to a very strong SMG meta despite the promise from Treyarch that there would be proper weapon balancing.

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