There is a Wrecking Ball piledrive damage glitch and it is pretty game-breaking.

Despite being one of the most prominent emerging esports around and being out for two years, Overwatch still has plenty of problems. There are currently numerous bugs in the game, with two very nasty Sombra ones kicking about.

While those are annoying only on payload, the Wrecking Ball bugs are annoying on every game type. In fact, they are more than annoying; they are actually game-breaking.

Thankfully, Overwatch Coach for team Canada and Dallas Fuel, Justin “Jayne” Conroy, has provided all the info. Posting this video ahead of the Overwatch World Cup, Jayne revealed the two bugs and how both of them could play a part in the tournament.

What are the bugs?

The first one is a very nasty bug that will deal double damage if you hit something slanted or the payload. All you have to do is piledrive and hit something such as the payload or a slanted roof, and you will do the 100 damage there and when you hit the ground. This gives you double damage when you really shouldn’t have it.

The second one might be even worse. As we stated, the max damage for the piledriver is 100. However, this is only at a 10m radius, and it will drop off to do as little as 20 damage. Unless of course, there are two targets, one within 10m and one further away. Despite being out of the 100 damage radius, the further away target will still take that damage.

How do you do them?

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In one clip, Jayne showed how using Orisa’s halt in combination with the piledriver on a payload can deal enormous damage. In the clip, the Hammond gets a quad-kill despite some of the opponents being out of the piledriver range.

Will I get banned?

Similar to the Sombra glitch, it is unlikely as this is a bug in the game and you aren’t doing anything wrong. Obviously, it will be very frustrating to play against though.

How can you counter it?

Ironically, Sombra is an excellent counter. If you can hack him before he gets a piledriver off, you will entirely neuter him. Another one is Mei. Use a combination of your primary and your ice wall to block him off and sponge some of the damage. You should also be looking to freeze him as much as possible.

Finally, a Lucio using lots of speed boosts could help your team get out of the piledriver radius.

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