PC gamers react in awe, as a console player wins Fortnite’s Solo Showdown… no seriously!

Who doesn’t want to win free stuff? Very few can resist the temptation of something, anything, if it’s free – especially when the free stuff is something you actually really want.

Which is precisely why Fortnite’s Solo Showdown Limited Time Mode sounds so brilliant. Players are given the opportunity to win as much as 50,000 V-bucks, worth over £400, for merely playing the game.

But before you think you’ll be bagging a nice chunk of V-bucks to spend on skins – let’s get the details.

What is it?

Players will complete 50 games of the Solo Showdown LTM, trying to get as many kills as possible and finishing with a bundle of accumulated points.

The better you do, the more points you accrue – which helps with your ranking. To win Vbucks, you need to finish in the top 100.


Unfortunately, if you want to enter now, well, you can’t because it finished at 2 pm today. While this is unlucky for any players that haven’t yet got involved, the ones who are topping the leaderboards will be thrilled.

Who is topping the leaderboards?

via epic games

According to the official leaderboards released by Epic, vRxthless is topping the charts with a whopping 4881 points, from 50 games. It looks like he will be taking the astonishing 50,000 V-bucks as no one can get anywhere near him now.

Incredibly, it turns out that vRxthless is a console player, making it very, very impressive that he managed to pull this win off. While there are players with a game left to complete, such as RyanMatthew-x who has scored 4750 points from 49 matches, he would miss out on the top title by just 29 points.

With that being said there will be some players who can jump into the top 100, such as Destrоyed who has 4469 points from 48 matches played. Two wins will take him into the top 100, so hopefully, he has called in sick from work today…

Still, we can’t believe that a console player won Fortnite’s Solo Showdown; congrats to the joystick twiddling player.

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