Wondering when the FIFA 19 Web App launch date is? We reckon we know!

The FIFA 19 demo will be available to play on all platforms today and will give us a great look at how the game will work. In fact, if you have Origin Premium, you can get FIFA 19 as early as September 19th, giving you several more days than if you bought it in-store.

While that is great, one of the best things about this time of year is the first few days on the FIFA Web App. The app allows you to open packs and trade cards before you play the full game. In many cases, players have bagged some incredible cards in the first few hours of the Web App, and it has set them up for the rest of the year.

So when is the Web App out?

Well, last year, the app was launched 36 hours before the game was made available for EA Access users. This could suggest that it will be launched on Monday 17th or Tuesday 18th, with the Premium Access users getting the game on the 19th.

Hopefully, this is the case because the first few days on FIFA when you have early access can be quite testing. With prices inflated because there are so few players so not as many packs being opened, even a low silver can set you back 1,000 coins.

Can I open packs on the Web App?

You can’t buy FIFA points on it, but you can transfer over any points you have left on your FIFA 18 account. This will let you buy packs with points.

Should I buy packs?

It is entirely up to you, but the number of rewards you get at the start of the game and with how easy challenges are to complete, you might not need to.

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