When does the BlackOut beta end? We’ve got the answers!

The Call of Duty BlackOut beta is now winding down, and we can all agree it has been a massive success. PlayStation 4 users have had a whopping week to enjoy the beta, but Xbox and PC users have only had a few days. Sadly, today is the final day of the beta before launch, and you really don’t have long left if you want to play it.

In fact, there are just a few hours left before we have to wait an entire month to get our hands on the full version of the game.

The BlackOut beta has been a lot of fun and is dominating on Twitch, with the likes of Ninja, Shroud and XQC streaming it. While there have been some negatives about the Beta, with armour and the looting system being the biggest, the game is so enjoyable and addicting it should be set to be the biggest Battle Royale game around.

Can you still play it today?

Yes! The beta will end at 6 pm BST tonight, giving you a few more hours at least to enjoy the BlackOut experience.

Can I still install it?

Of course, but remember it is a 17gb game so will take some time to install. Your best bet is to install it to your SSD if you have room and pray your download speeds are stable.

When is the game out?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is out on October 12, so there is less than a month to go! There is no confirmation on when BlackOut will fully launch, but we hope that it is on the 12th.

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