This is what esports to watch this weekend!

Autumn officially starts tomorrow. That means you no longer have to pretend you like going outside and can sit in your pyjamas all day. To be honest, I do this most days away, but this weekend, we have esports to watch!

And this weekend we have got a very nice mix of events, from FPS to Battle Royale and fighting games. There really is something for all the family – not that we’re suggesting your Nan should be watching the Gwent Challenger.

So, what should you watch? Well, here are our three top picks for this weekends action.

1. 2018 DreamHack Masters Stockholm

A proper Counter-Strike tournament is here! At this point, it doesn’t even matter if you play CS or not, watching it can be a real treat. We’ve already seen Fnatic crash out at the group stage and MiBR actually turn up! While this is carrying on until September 3rd, it this weekend will be jam-packed full of action. We could see OpTic face off against MiBR if they win their elimination match against Heroic.

2. PUBG StarSeries i-League

There are two PUBG events this weekend, with the continuation of the Broadcaster Royale. However, we reckon the StarSeries is what you should be watching. Season two is coming to an end this weekend, and we could just see FaZe retain their Season 1 crown.

3. Gwent Challenger

Yep, sod DBZ or Tekken, I want to relax and what better way than with some Gwent. Honestly, Gwent might be the best way to wind down after a tough day not doing anything. Actually, this will be starting at around 3pm BST so, you can watch the best Gwent players in the world while listening to the radio to see if your team has been battered in the football!

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