So, PUBG isn’t esports ready after all!

Brendan Greene reveals what we all knew – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is not esports ready. I mean, we could have told you this, with the game still not being that polished.

That being said, PUBG has come a long way since launch and enjoyed a huge charity event in Berlin last week. Unlike previous events, the PUBG Invitational was entertaining; less camping and a much faster metagame.

Now with this success at the Invitational, some were feeling that PUBG is now esports ready. However, Greene was not interested in saying that it is ready to become a competitive game.

Brendan Greene on esports

“It’s something I’ve always said – we’re not esports ready, and we’ve never said we’re esports ready,” he told PCGamesN.

“No one has really done battle royale esports before, so we’re trying to show to the world that this type of esport is possible, and although it’s challenging, we are committed to working on it.”

One thing fans have joked about over the past year has been that PUBG is esports ready. In fact, it has become a huge meme.

There have been some pretty strong reasoning for fans to poke fun at the game, considering all the bugs, glitches, and some shocking server performance.

Thankfully, Greene has acknowledged that there is a problem and they are looking to stabilise things before genuinely being esports ready.

We really want to stabilise the platform. We have to make the game competitive, and that means getting all those nitty-gritty bugs out and all the quality of life improvements that the players want, so we may add new features and add new functionality to the game.”

Hopefully, we will be seeing a much more polished PUBG coming over the next year. This is not only a good thing for professional players but casual players as well.

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