What on earth are these weird Fortnite symbols?

There has been so much going on in Fortnite that it is almost hard to keep up with. The dual-pistols, drum gun, new skins, and Playground LTM all came out over the past seven days, as did the most significant event of the year: The rocket launch.

It already caused mayhem on Saturday, with fans trying to get a good look at it, and where it would hit. In fact, one player even got 48 kills by knocking down colossal structure fans built to get a good view.

Then, there were rifts appearing, sucking in certain signs in places like Tomato Town, Lonely Lodge and the Motel.

via reddit user u/ItsLuuuca

Phew! With all of that going on, they surely wouldn’t start doing anything else, right?!


Wrong! Players started noticing some peculiar symbols and marks in the sky. They do take some spotting, but if you take a screenshot, you can enhance them by zooming in.

So what are they?

Well, I have quite literally spent almost an hour looking at ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian symbols and I couldn’t find anything. Honestly, what is my life?

What does it mean then?

Well, a lot of people on Reddit are guessing that it is an ancient symbol which once again points to the fact that the next season will be set in the past.

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