The Fortnite Shopping Cart is coming, and we cannot wait!

Another week, another Fortnite patch to talk about. This week we have v4.3 bringing with it a highly anticipated addition to the game – the Shopping Cart. Since the news popped up in the game, we’ve all been wondering how it will work, and the details surrounding it.

Now Epic have released their patch notes revealing everything that we would need to know about, not only the Shopping Cart but, other changes to the game also.

What is the Shopping Cart?

As previously predicted, it is a ridable item that both you and a buddy can use to ride around the map in style. Interestingly, it doesn’t seem to have a fuel-type mechanic like the Jetpack does. However, fall damage is enabled, so we are going to guess that it can only take so many hits before breaking.

How do you find them?

via Fortnite

They aren’t found in chests, but rather located around the map; with the most obvious places to find them at the race track, close to Retail Row and Lonely Lodge. There are five at the race track, so expect this place to be heavily populated over the next couple of days.

What else is new?

Two new Limited Time Modes, and the return of the 20v20 and Blitz game modes. Both have had changes to allow for streamlined performance; ideal, as the Blitz mode is marked to be the competitive Fortnite mode in the future.

Much like the addition of apples, there are now mushrooms, which typically grow under the dark green trees. They will be exactly like the apples meaning you will never have to worry about lack of healing items for too long.

What bug fixes are there?

One of the biggest fixes changes the way shotguns fire. In the past, the shotgun spread was so wide that you could miss a target, despite aiming directly at them.

That has been fixed, so the change may seriously affect the way players use shotguns at first. The new mechanic will take some adjusting.

Another huge change – for the better – is that shots to the chest and neck won’t count as headshots. This has been a serious problem, especially when using an assault rifle or a sniper rifle.

Check back for more information on the new shotgun mechanics, and of course the Shopping Cart, in the near future.

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