There are now some pretty cool esport Twitter hashflags!

Twitter has launched a set of esport hashtag emojis or ‘hashflags’ for various North American teams.

Just like with the World Cup and Premier League, Twitter now lets you show your support for your esport teams; Assuming you don’t support anyone from Europe, or Asia or South America or Africa.

However, the likes of OpTic, FaZe, TSM, Team Liquid and Cloud9 have all been represented in the hashflags. This will allows Twitter users to not only support these teams in the likes of Counter Strike or League of Legends but something like Fortnite which will be starting a competitive season later this year.

Full list of the teams:

Esports journalist Rob Breslau revealed that Twitter isn’t set for one specific game; rather help to cover all competitive gaming events.

Interestingly, only Fortnite has all of these teams represented in the recent Summer Skirmish events.

Though, hopefully, Twitter will be adding different teams from around the world in future months. We’re pretty sure that Na’Vi and Fnatic fans will not be happy that FaZe and Team Liquid will be able to represent on Twitter.

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