We cannot wait to play Summit in Black Ops 4!

Treyarch treated us to our first look at the classic Call of Duty Map Summit in a video released yesterday.

We had known that the map from the original Black Ops all the way back from 2010 was going to be added to the game. However, we had yet to see any footage of it until this Tweet from Treyarch.

Summit was easily one of the most popular Call of Duty maps alongside the likes of Nuke Town and Firing Range; all of which are Treyarch maps. It actually does look very similar to the Black Ops 1 version. Hopefully, this shows that they haven’t tinkered too much with the design and just improved the overall appearance.

Is Summit the only classic map returning?

Nope! Slums, Firing Range, and Jungle are all set to be featured in the game. However, we do not know if these will be the maps at launch or if they will do a classic Black Ops map DLC (C’mon, it’s Activision after all).

Why is Summit so loved?

It filled the gap of a map that played brilliantly on TDM, Domination, Search and Destroy, and Headquarters. Domination might be the best game type though on Summit, with the infamous B-flag capture glitch allowing those in the know to secure the point.

Another big reason is the fact that you could use any weapon and still do well. While SMG’s and Shotguns might be the best way to play it, you can get away with assault rifles and snipers thanks to long sight lines.

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