Thankfully, changes to BlackOut armour are coming before launch.

Call of Duty BlackOut has been an enormous success, and it is only in beta. It has been perched on top of number one on Twitch and has seen the likes of Ninja, Shroud, and Dr Disrespect hitting huge viewership figures.

The game is basically what PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds should have been if it had a proper development team. Gunplay is lots of fun, the weapons are well put together, and the addition of the zombies indeed mixes things up. Then, of course, there are the vehicles, which are equally as brilliant and terrifying to use.

In fact, the only thing that was bad about the BlackOut experience was the armour. Having three levels of armour is a problem, with even level 1 armour causing some severe issues in firefights. It gets even worse with level 2, and if you come up against anyone with level 3, well you will lose most of the time, regardless of your skill.

Thankfully, Treyarch has confirmed that they will be looking to change how armour works before the full launch of the game. On Twitter, OpTic NadeShot revealed his issues with the armour, and it provoked a response from Alexander Conserva, a Treyarch engineer.

What will the changes be?

Hopefully, they remove level 3 armour and make level 2 only accessible by air drops. The inclusion of armour-piercing bullets would also be a huge plus and give us a chance for a fair fight. With the game launching on October 12th, there is a bit of time for the development team at Treyarch to get things sorted.

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