Can you wait to try the new Black Ops 4 beta maps?

The Black Ops 4 Beta on PlayStation has been a big success, despite the game not being anywhere near finished.

With six maps, a max rank of 30 and ten main weapons to choose from, BO4 has been a pretty beefy beta. Usually, you get three maps max and probably four to six weapons at most.

With PS4 players set to be joined by XBOX One and then PC players in getting their hands on the game, Treyarch is ready to offer some new changes to the game.

Speaking on the Black Ops 4 Reddit, Treyarch’s official account posted some exciting news.

“Just because Week 1 is coming to a close doesn’t mean we’re shutting things down. . . we’ll be back with a second week of Beta action starting this Friday (PS4/XB1/PC), which will feature a few new items that you’ll want to jump in to see.

“We probably shouldn’t reference the new map that you saw in the beta trailer, secret new mode that has been kept under tight wraps, new XP events, and/or new level caps that you’ll see next week, so we definitely won’t do that.”

It is huge that they will be adding a new map, secret mode and even higher level caps into a beta!

The previous Call of Duty beta’s had felt very rushed and like you were playing almost a pre-alpha build of the game. That was if they developer bothered to have a beta, with there not being one following World At Wars for a good six years.

With PC and Xbox players soon to be able to get their hands on the game, it will be interesting to see what the overall reaction is to the beta. We think it will continue to be positive over the next week or two.

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