Dele Alli and OpTic CouRage stream Black Ops 4 beta and it is amazing!

England World Cup hero and Tottenham ace, Dele Alli has been streaming on Twitch again! This time around he has given Fortnite a rest and decided to move over the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 beta. Gone are Myth and Ninja, but in their place is OpTic CouRage, who helped show Dele the ropes of the new game.

The Spurs midfielder has had a pretty crazy 2018, with him playing in the Champions League, World Cup, and starting a successful sporadic Twitch channel. While his previous Fortnite streams have been well received, his Black Ops 4 stream with ex-shoutcaster, OpTic Courage was brilliant.

Football Crazy, Killstreak Mad

Interestingly, this was Dele’s first time playing Black Ops 4, and well, it showed because he didn’t seem to be that hot at first. However, after a few games, he got into the swing of things and had a solid 1.75 kill to death ratio.

Unfortunately, for everyone, the gaming session didn’t last very long, with Dele leaving after just 45 minutes due to ‘internet issues’. No doubt streaming and trying to play on CouRage’s American host took its tole.

Before the pair said goodbye, they agreed to play a few more games with each other when they can both get on, so that should be pretty cool to see. CouRage did mention that he was hoping to return the favour and shoot over to Spurs, playing in goal for them.

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