We think we’ve done it, we’ve found the best Fortnite heavy sniper clip!

Another week and time for some of the best Fortnite clips we could find over the past seven days. Last time around we had the new double barrel to swoon over and this week we’ve got the heavy sniper! While the weapon isn’t quite the wall-banging beast we all hoped it would be, it is still a lot of fun.

As too has been the Soaring 50’s limited time mode, which allowed players to redeploy their glider when falling from heights.

We’ve trawled the deepest, darkest sections of the internet to find these five really cool clips, so enjoy.

1. Dakotaz Heavy Sniper streak


Not since the days of SmallBeans and Modern Warfare 2 have I seen quick-scoping with a .50 cal done so well. This might be the best Fortnite heavy sniper clip we’ve seen.

2. Daequan actually snipes someone

He might be one of the best and most popular Fortnite streamers around, but Daequan himself will tell you he is a terrible sniper. Legit terrible.

So when he was able to hit this snipe to win the game there are no words needed.

3. NoahJ clutch

If I was in this situation, I would absolutely crumble and be sad for the rest of the day – not NoahJ though.

4. Is this seat taken?

Who knew you could even do this?!

5. No idea

Watched this about 20 times now and I still have no idea who he is aiming at, or how he hit him.

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