Are top FIFA players cheating?

It appears like there is a new way to cheat yourself to victory in FIFA 18’s Weekend League.

Just when you thought EA had fixed their flagship competitive mode, following months of backlash from fans.

To catch anyone up to speed with what has been going on, several professional players have been caught doing glitches to boost their ranking in the WL.

One of the first was them  playing on a 3 or 4g connection, getting disconnected but getting the win. And then there was players avoiding those with specific kits just incase they are other pros.

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The new glitch

However, EA appeared to have fixed that with several new additions to the Weekend League and general gameplay fixes to keep the cheaters at bay.

That being said, according to esports professional, Bas Vromans, top players are now blocking each other so they never get matched against each other in the Weekend League.

It has been known for some time that there are apparently two known glitches going around on FIFA 18 at the moment – something which is incredibly frustrating for any legit players.

While no pro has exposed the new glitches yet, probably to stop everyone and their nana does it, this could very well be one of them.

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The FIFA 18 ‘kick-off glitch’ is no more thanks to new update

Obviously, though, even those cheating will have to beat whomever they do come up against to reach the epic 40-0 result

But really, top FIFA players cheating AGAIN!

However, that is clearly easier when you’re not coming up against players of your level or higher and gives you a series advantage over others.

In fact, many on Reddit believe there is a conspiracy going on between many pro players which allows them to always reach the top 100. In fact, one Redditor claimed that he beat a pro-player over the weekend and yet they still managed to secure a 40-0.

What is the likelihood that EA will crack down on this? Well, if some of the best players with huge followings are banned, how will EA esport events continue to bring in huge numbers? That being said, they have cracked down once before.

Many honest players are hoping they do it again because it is not fun to have all the odds stacked against you.

Why are top FIFA players cheating? Who knows really, but hopefully it can be stopped to allow the rest of us with a chance to actually play the game.

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