This is how much it costs to get every 84+ player on FIFA 19.

After the severe backlash over loot boxes and perceived gambling in video games, FIFA 19 has added a new system when opening packs. Opening packs is always a poor choice because, let’s be honest, most of the time you won’t get anything good.

In fact, do you know what the actual odds are on you getting a high-level player? Well, thanks to the new addition to the pack system, you can now see what the odds are! So, how badly are you not going to get anything from these packs?

Well, you stand just a 4.7% chance of pulling a card that is 84 or higher. If my maths is correct (it probably isn’t), you will need to open at least 22 packs to get an 84 rated goal. This means that you would need to buy 3,000 FIFA points or potentially 165,000 coins! If you use FIFA points, you would need to spend around £30 to get 4,000 points which are better ‘value for money’.

There are 476 gold cards which are 84+ rated – including duplicate cards and Team of the Weeks. To get all 476 players, you would need to open at least 10,120 packs! To open that many packs you would need to buy 12,000 FIFA points 127 times.

Can you guess how much that would cost? Well, to open the minimum number of packs you would need to potentially get all players 84 or higher you would need to spend £8,888.73. EIGHT THOUSAND POUNDS!

If you have coins, however, you would still need to spend 75,900,000 coins on packs and you likely even won’t get anything decent.

Do not buy packs.

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