This is how popular the Overwatch League final is!

The first ever Overwatch League final is set up to be one of the most anticipated events this summer.

Besides the World Cup, the volume of people wanting to watch the game at the Brooklyn Barclay’s Centre is mindblowing. The tickets for the final sold out in a matter of hours as fans got hyped about the first grand-final.

Vivid Seats Gives us the Insights

Via vivid seats

Currently, four teams are battling for a spot in the final; London Spitfire are taking on Los Angeles Valiant, and Philadelphia Fusion face New York Excelsior.

However, if you want a ticket, you might have to cough up an extortionate amount; more than you would like to see Drake or Elton John.

According to Vivid Seats, Overwatch League Grand Final tickets are selling for as much as £152 – almost $90 more than their face value.

These are now more than tickets to see bands, artists, and traditional sports. WWE SummerSlam – also held in the Barclays Centre – are selling $50 less than OWL; an event which has only been running for less than a year.

Similarly, tickets to see the New York Rangers take on the New York Islanders next year are also selling for far less.

The only event currently on Vivid Seats that is selling for more is a Phil Collins concert; $7 higher than the OWL Grand Finals. While we should say that some of these events haven’t sold out yet, or are quite some way off, the fact that the Overwatch League is so in demand is very refreshing.

Potentially a kick up the backside for traditional sports and media, too.

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