Wondering who to buy from Team of The Week 35? Don’t worry we’ve got everything you need to know.

So the Premier League season is over, and your chance to pack some Premier League players TOTW cards is also done. Well, it is until the end of the week when the latest team goes out of packs. That being said, we have got some excellent new cards in this the 35th team of informs since the launch of FIFA 18.

So, who should you be hoping to pack or look to splash the cash out on? Well, as usual, we have had a look at who we think some of the best players are, and who you should totally get.

FIFA 18 Team of the Week 34 – Who you should buy and why

With that being said, let’s get on with the two apparent buys and one that you might not have thought about before.

1. Gareth Bale: 800k – 1mil

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If you pack this beaut, you will not only get a fantastic player but one of the best ways to make some quick cash. His last inform was worth around 600k so you should have no problem in selling him on for close to a million this time around.

If you keep him, you get someone who can play as not only a right midfielder but someone who could be converted into a right-forward, and given a chance to play a centre-forward on seven chem.

Even on that seven chem, you will be getting a player with a whopping 97 pace, 93 shooting, 91 dribbling and 83 physical. The best stats may just be the 96 shot power and 96 long shots which will make you want to hit some thunderb*st*rds.

Still wondering who to buy from Team of The Week 35? Yeah, well it has to be Bale!

2. Leroy Sane: 150k – 200k

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While I would have gone for Mario Balotelli, Sane is an absolute gem of an inform this week. The reason behind this was the fact that it is unlikely that you managed to pack his Team of the Season card last week, or if you can’t afford him. That being said, this inform is a perfect alternative.

Obviously, it is not going to be as good as that TOTS card, but with 96 pace, 84 shooting, 85 passing and 91 dribbling, he’s still very nice. The 95 agility combined with his pace and dribbling will make him a true menace for full-backs.

3. Andrea Consigli: 40k – 70k

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If you need a goalkeeper that is not only totally incredible but on the cheaper side, then look no further than this man. This is his third inform card, and he has gone from an 82 to an 87 this season.

With all goalkeeping stats other than kicking (75) and positioning (89) in the 90s, what more could you want? If you’re triggered by the 89 positioning, you could always add a chemistry style, and it will boost him up.

You might be able to get him for around 50k, and it will be well worth it even if you can’t get him on 10 chem for your team.

Looking for a goalkeeper and who else to buy from Team of The Week 35? Look no further than this man!

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