You absolutely will want to see Dev1ce destroys Liquid, probably the best Counter Strike play we’ve seen in a while.

The ELEAGUE Premier final was this weekend, and Astralis totally wiped the floor with Team Liquid. Despite beating Natus Vincere in the semi-final, Liquid fell to a 2-0 defeat against Astralis. In fact, really, they were humiliated in the first map Inferno, losing 16-5.

No member of Liquid went positive in the first map, with Twistzz the only one managing a kill to death ratio better than -8. Map two on Nuke was much better, with Liquid winning 12 rounds and Twistzz again doing well in comparison to his team-mates.

For Astralis to pull off this incredible win, they had to make some mind-blowing plays.

Here are three of the best from the ELEAGUE Premier finals:

Dev1ce 4 piece

Liquid was all at sea on Inferno, especially on this clip as they are 14-0 down. With that being said, it shouldn’t take away from dev1ce’s amazing 4-piece snipe.

gla1ve spray

Another four-person spray from Astralis. You’ve got to be wondering what on earth Liquid were doing here?!

Magisk pistol 4-piece

Ah, another four kills from an Astralis player, but this time it was during a pistol round.

Magisk probably could have had the ace here, and with it being 8-7, it was quite a valuable round to win.

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