Is this the ultimate Lucio boop spot?

Lucio might not always dish out the most healing or the most damage. However, other than the wall riding, there is one thing that makes Lucio the best healer, or at least the most fun to use.

The soundwave ability is brilliant. It is a great way to clear enemies off a point or knock back an impending enemy ultimate. However, the best thing about it is knocking people off the map. In fact, you will probably always see a Lucio of Ilios because there is so much scope to do this.

While we have seen a brilliant clip of Orisa halting pretty much a whole team into a hole, this one might be better.

The Lucio Rialto boop

Best Hiding Spot on Rialto from Overwatch


Saying that though, while Ilios is good for it, Rialto is absolutely fantastic. Pushing people into those filthy Venice canals is just a beautiful thing, especially when doing it from spawn.

This is precisely what Reddit user Kooxd did while defending on Rialto. Wall-riding up to this very cheeky point, Kooxd soundwaved four players into the canal!

How can you not love a Lucio Boop?! Oh right – being on the receiving end of it…

We’re guessing that a lot of Overwatch players or at least Lucio mains will be looking to replicate this next time they are on Rialto.

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