The Fortnite shotgun Shopping Cart glitch is a strong contender for best thing we’ve seen in this game!

The Shopping Cart has been an exciting (and very buggy) addition to Fortnite.

Since launch, the cart has caused all sorts of problems, most notoriously the under the map glitch; exploited by many gamers during its brief inclusion in the game.

They have been added and removed now five times. Any real use of them has entirely gone – unless you get caught in a storm and need a quick exit.

However, it might now be worthwhile just due to a crazy new glitch. Thankfully, this one isn’t game breaking, but instead really, really funny.

Prepare to be sent flying into the air – fortunately not taking any damage…

Fortnite Shotgun Shopping Cart Glitch

This clip was posted on Twitter, and the more I watch it, the funnier it gets. To do it, you just need to shoot between the handle of the cart, and it will start flying miles into the air.

In fact, this isn’t the only fun glitch with the shopping cart in the game. If you’re on your own and happen to have a mini-gun, you can shoot the same spot, and it will propel you forward. This means you can cross loot lake without getting your feet wet, or wasting any materials!

We will imagine that Epic Games will patch these soon, but actually, we hope they don’t. They aren’t really harming the game, and are so stupid that it is almost like Fortnite’s answer to Goat simulator… which is undoubtedly a good thing, right?!

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