Whoops, Fortnite Shopping Cart removed once again!

On May 30th, Epic Games added Shopping Carts to Fortnite. Less than a month later, and it has been removed three times!

When the Cart was announced, there were concerns from some fans. Coming across as a gimmick, they didn’t have much of a serious impact on the meta. As such, players quickly warmed to just how much fun they were.

Epic prioritises ensuring all of their items work correctly, but at first, it was incredibly glitchy. Ironically, this added to the fun; with it giving you a rest from trying to win, so you can mess around trying to do jumps.

Half pipes and Glitches

One thing that was a big issue with the Shopping Cart was the fact that it didn’t entirely go up ramps, making it hard to build a functioning half-pipe – or just a massive jump. Epic did fix this by adding in jumps at various locations – usually on hills and mountains. The jumps arrived when the Cart was re-added for the first time, after being taken out on June 11th.

On June 16th, it was once again removed as it was a key part of an in-game bug. A bug that helped players get under the map to go for an easy win.

Four days later and they were re-added for the third time, but incredibly they lasted just two short hours before they were removed again yesterday, June 20th. The same under the map glitch had returned, and thankfully Epic Games acted quickly to resolve the issues.

So, will we ever see the Shopping Cart back in the game? Well, hopefully, if Epic can get their act together and sort them out. Clearly, they have sorted out any problems with the glitches of the Cart itself, but the glitches allowing people to get under the map are too severe to be left unattended.

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