It looks like another area of the map could be getting blown up in Fortnite Season 5.

Leaks for the Fortnite have shown that the giant rocket in the villain’s lair is set up for launch.

In fact, if you go there now, there is a button that seems to start the launch proceedings, but not entirely send it into the atmosphere.

So, what is Epic going to do with a massive rocket, and what is it going to hit?

Fortnite Season 5 is nearly upon us now, just 12 days away, and that brings with it an entirely new theme. While this one has been all about superheroes and supervillains, what could Season 5 be?

Some think that we could get a (wartime) historical or even post-apocalyptic theme. One thing looks like it will be coming soon though; we’re getting a new map – or at least new named places.

A Hunch from a Leak?

It looks like the Blockbuster skin (obtained by completing seven weeks of challenges) is the main villain, and is ready to launch that giant missile to destroy the map.

There are two ways to look at this; it will the map entirely, meaning we’ll be evacuated to one of the remote islands visible from the current map.

Fortnite data mined skin

The other possibility is the map could become a post-apocalyptic wasteland, with heavily radiated areas, and some ‘Mad Max’ themed skins.

Two leaks for Fornite Season 5, set to be released this week, show us a character in a gas mask, and the new gas grenade.

We’re keenly awaiting the release of Season 5, scheduled for just under two weeks time. Until then, what do you think will happen? What do you think Fortnite Season 5’s theme will be?

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