The Brigette shield bash jump is amazing and we hope it never gets fixed.

It is fair to say that Brigette is one of the most controversial additions to Overwatch in some time. Her ability to pretty much always and consistently stun opponents is incredibly strong – and equally as frustrating.

However, a Brigette main like my self loves bashing people’s faces in with my mace; stunning the bejesus out of everyone. Though players have claimed that she can’t solo heal a team, you can easily put out 10k healing if your team stays close.

Incredibly, there is another reason that Brigette is doing so well – her shield bash jumps. This was a problem in the PTR testing of Brigette, with her being able to bounce off objects to elevate herself into the air. However, the new Brigette jump exploits are less excessive but still very strong.

What is it?

This video by Overwatch streamer Arek2597 is an excellent example of what it is.

How do you do it?

Thanks to this video by Unit Lost – Great British Gaming, we now have a very clear explanation of how the jumps work.

Basically, you bring your shield up, walk forward, jump and then at the height of your jump, shield bash and flail. This will send you absolutely flying and will almost triple your distance a regular shield bash would throw you.

Is it OP?

Honestly, you are giving up so many resources to do it that it doesn’t seem quite so over-powered. However, it’s interesting that you could go from spawn on Junkertown to the infamous Bastion spot in one jump. If anything, this gives you a considerable advantage over some pretty annoying defence tactics.

Will it be nerfed?

Potentially, but it is quite a high-skill thing to do, and as we said, it takes a lot of resources away from you. With so many other bugs and exploits on Overwatch right now, this one might go unnoticed for a while at least.

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