What do you think the most spent on Fortnite skins is?

It is difficult to find someone who doesn’t have a skin in Fortnite they have paid for. Even since the fledgeling days of the game, players couldjazz up their appearance. Of course, to do this, you needed to part with quite a bit of money; usually over £12.

Given that Fortnite has been out for almost a year, it is safe to say that you have probably splashed some serious cash in-game. Even I have fallen foul of buying skins despite telling myself that I really don’t need them.

You might think that you haven’t spent that much, and you might be right. It is a free to play game, however, so you can justify it with how much you’d spend on an AAA title.

Show me the Money

via https://lendedu.com/blog/finances-of-fortnite/

According to loan website, Lendedu, the average Fortnite player will spend as much as $80 on cosmetic items. That is about $30 more than what you could pay for big games, such as Red Dead Redemption 2, or Fallout 76.

58% of that money has been spent on skins, with only 9.52% going on various emotes and dances.

Incredibly, from Lendedu’s research, they discovered that more than 20% of those they spoke to believed cosmetic items gave you an advantage in the game. This is in spite of Fortnite’s store clearly stating that no in-game advantage would be gained by buying items.

Another interesting point was that only 68.8% of total Fortnite players had spent any money on the game, meaning that 32.2% are rocking the no skin life.

How much have you spent on Fortnite? Don’t be ashamed, let us know in the comment section!

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