Ever pondered Dele Alli’s Fortnite stats?

Fortnite really has taken over the world, with more than 100 million players logging in.

The game even featured prominently at the World Cup, with Antoine Griezmann and Jesse Lingard both doing celebrations from the ultra-popular battle royale title.

We have known for a while that Griezmann, Alli, and even England captain Harry Kane all played Fortnite – with the three lions duo streaming it on Twitch. In fact, Kane and Alli have played with both Ninja and Myth, proving just how in the know they really are.

With Kane and Co reportedly playing a whopping 100 hours of Fortnite during the World Cup, he and all the other celebrities fans must be pretty decent at it, right?

Well, thanks for Fortnite Tracker, we did some digging and found all their stats.

Harry Kane

The England and Tottenham man has played 1,133 games so far but has won just 84 of them; that equates to about a 7.40 win percentage. He only has one win in solos and another 5 in duos from over 200+ matches.

As for kills, well he has a 0.81 kill to death ratio, with his highest coming in squads. He’s probably nabbing kills of his squad like he nabs goals off them in the Premier League.

Dele Alli

I’m impressed with Dele Alli’s Fortnite stats as he has an eye for getting kills. In fact, his K/D is a respectable 1.14, with his squad K/D over 1.20 on PS4, and PC K/D is 2.07!

Concerning wins, he has 244 wins from a whopping 2,722 matches – but is yet to pick up a Victory Royale in solos from more than 239 attempts.

Interestingly, he played 23 games the day before England’s World Cup semi-final, winning just one. Not saying this is why England lost, but that would put me in a bad mood too – to be honest.


Harry Maguire

Via fortnite tracker.com

Good ol’ slabhead! Maguire might be one of the most loved footballers in the country thanks to his antics at the World Cup, but how does he get on in Fortnite?

Well, they aren’t amazing but certainly respectable; 7 solo wins and 90 squad wins to his name.

Regarding his killing skills, they aren’t that remarkable. A relatively average kill to death of 0.90. He actually got a 14-kill game two weeks ago – on the day that England beat Colombia!


Remember when Ninja and Drake played all the time together? They broke Twitch’s concurrent viewer record!

Well, those days might just be over, but the Canadian is still playing Fortnite. In fact, he played 63 games on Saturday!

So, playing with Ninja must have made him much better at the game, right? Right! He has some pretty decent stats, with a 1.82 K/D on Xbox and a 1.05 on PC.

It looks like he is now playing mainly on PC, with him already going through 98 games on Season 5, but just winning 4 matches.

His Xbox win-rate is 7%, while his PC win-rate is only 1%.

Finn Wolfhard

It is tough to dislike this IT and Stranger Things actor even if his Fortnite stats are… not so hot.

We should point out that he does share the account with his brother, so that could explain why his kill to death ratio is 0.15!

He does, however, have a solo win which is more than what Dele Alli can say!

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