The Sombra glitch on Busan is just so nasty!

The new Overwatch map, Busan, has only been out on the public server for less than 24 hours and there is already a game-breaking glitch. Overwatch has had a few problems with players discovering various bugs and issues, with most of them surrounding Sombra. This latest glitch is no different, with Sombra being the only one currently known to be able to do it.

Reddit user u/AUsedTrumpet posted this video yesterday showing off the exploit on the Sanctuary area of the control map. Once again, it is a glitch involving Sombra’s translocator. Ironically, the glitch was found on the same day that Blizzard was using a Sombra skin to promote tickets to BlizzCon.

Game-breaking bug on sanctuary on Busan from Overwatch

What is the glitch?

You can get under the map on Busan: Sanctuary and become invincible.

How do you do it?

Close to one of the pillars and near that weird giant drum in the middle of the map, there are some rocks. Throw your translocator there, translocate and you will be sent under the map.

Can you stay under there forever?

Yep, you can move around, shoot, hack but cannot be harmed. You can get out from under there if you throw your translocator again.

Will I get banned?

Potentially! No doubt people will report you if you are doing it and killing them. Blizzard is quite good at dishing out the bans for exploits such as this, so be careful.

How do you counter it?

Honestly, you can’t. You will need to hope that you have a Bastion or Torjborn turret patrolling the area.

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